Fakih IVF Fertility CenterAims To Increase Success Probabilities for IVF Patients This Festive Season

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In-vitro fertilization has paved way for several people to become parents. Considering the benefits offered by this technology, and being one of the most successful mechanisms for conceiving, Fakih IVF Fertility Centerhas crafted special programs this festive season.

“At Fakih, we have always been committed to patients’ wellness, and introducing this special program in line with our vision to support the dreams of couples seeking to be parents, as well as increase the chances of success for participants,” saidDr.Michael Fakih, Medical Director of Fakih IVF.

Fakih IVF Fertility CenterDubai is offering free consultations to all the patients on their first visit with an additional discount of 10 percent on IVF and ICSI procedures during the month of December. In-vitro fertilization represents a significant hope for the scores of families who struggle to have children, and the introduction of this program is a part of Fakih’s responsibility to offer financial guarantees to its patients, whilst offering them a ray of hope this festive season.

“With the year coming to an end, we are working closely with the medical teams to develop programs that will offer easy access to patients to cutting-edge treatments. Our holistic programs will not only increase the fertility rates, but also offer the right emotional support that patients seek,” addedDr Michael Fakih.

Studies suggest that several women between the ages of 18 to 44 have impaired fecundity – trouble conceiving, or trouble carrying. However, live birth rate for each IVF cycle started has a profound success rate. Considering the success that IVF offers, it is befitting that patients in the UAE have access to best fertility treatments at cost-effective rates.


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